One poppy to remember, another poppy to forget

Just added another poppy to the Cement Sack quilt.  This one is ON TOP of the tulle.

Transferred two black and white xeroxes onto coffee-stained muslin.  The trombone did not come out so well, but a trident on the same page did.  Both are in the upper left.

Here is that figure that has shown up in the Witness quilt and the wet-paper-basement-calamity collage.  She is the one who dreams, who has seen, and who seeks to go beyond all that lodges in the past.  She is part of all of us.  This recent posture is one of burdened grief, but she has other moods as well.

Perhaps “moods” is the wrong word — “patterns of consciousness” more like.

And speaking of drugs (the opiate reference in the title), here is the holder of my current drug of choice — a coffee mug!  Suitably chipped, stained, and very much in use.

A busy day of gardening and travel ahead.  A good thing.  A change of perspective and some fresh air will definitely do me good.

12 thoughts on “One poppy to remember, another poppy to forget

  1. Maggie

    My mind did NOT transition well from news-videos to your fabric-art: my first thought as I came here to check out the latest was “This must be an oil slick quilt”. And then I began to relax and take in the poppy. And then I was happy again as read on to see the Global Warming Quilt. Thank you Dee.

  2. deemallon

    thanks, Chris…

    Maggie — were you thinking that “Devil’s Slide” might be a good name for the BP fiasco? or that cement pouring might be used instead of golf balls? it is an appalling disaster that engenders quite a feeling of hopelessness… hope you’re well!

  3. Robin

    It’s beautiful to watch this piece develop. Love the hints of old journals and bits that look like layers of an old wall, then that fresh poppy on it for contrast. lovely!


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