three huts in a row

Last week, in attempt to bring order to chaos, I pieced these three huts. They obviously belong together. But less obviously, they do NOT belong in the large Global Warming quilt (mostly because the colors are off).

So, I remain stumped, and with three garden clients this week, it will have to wait.

But, judging by the vigorous energy applied to removing an invasive ground cover near the driveway this morning, I suspect a resolution is coming soon.

7 thoughts on “three huts in a row

  1. Kari of Writing Up A Storm

    I cannot help but love your on-going struggle to bring order to chaos in your Global Warming Quilt for it so mirrors the reality! And I love your three huts wherever you put them ~ they have a look of cut-glass to them, pieces of glass laid against storm clouds. It seems to me as if we are all very fragile pieces of glass shining like jewels against the larger storms of life whirling around us. xo Kari

  2. deemallon

    Hi jude… I have been following you and the elements… paying attention to air and clouds and rain and cold really is a way to be grateful — because it’s stirring WHEREVER one is (in other words, I don’t have to be on a beach or near powerful mountains or exotic jungles to be moved — your blog is helping to remind me of this).


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