“Whenever you feel overwhelmed… “

Practice gratitude whenever you feel overwhelmed…. ” Caroline Myss

Well, now, then. Last week, then. The weekend before last… and the one before that. The summer is tumbling by in a blur of obligations, interventions, and work. Indoors time — I’m not used to so much of it. Structured time — I’m not used to so much of that either.  Many changes here.

So, here’s a quick list of things I’m grateful for —

  • time to have worked on this piece for just a little while today. and a sense that perhaps it is inching toward resolution.
  • a cleaned up house on account of company
  • digital images, digital cameras, near-instant gratification of images
  • a new journal arriving in the mail for the Sketchbook project
  • dinner out, featuring tofu, eggplants and Chinese greens I don’t know the name of
  • boys home
  • a home
  • Dexter
  • chocolate

  • Catalpa leaves approaching dinner-plate size
  • the lake vacation to look forward to
  • things growing in my absence

  • making a quilt for a wounded child, knowing I am on the other side of most of that

7 thoughts on ““Whenever you feel overwhelmed… “

  1. chris gray

    ..love the little houses….as always!

    I’d have put CHOCOLATE at the top of my list at the minute I think :-0

    ..but I’ve also got a lot to be grateful for right now too.

    I’m glad to read that you’re mostly on the other side of “things”…

    ..I’ll catch up with a proper e-mail later this week

    (not had a lot of computer time lately….)

    Take care

    x Chris

  2. deemallon

    thank you Chris… from my quick tour of your blog yesterday, I can see why you haven’t had much computer time — it looks like you’ve been very productive with cloth!


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