another day, another stitch

Still not used to effect of embroidery on these things.  Not sure I like.

But I love this hand-dyed thread from India.

Made this little thread sketch over the weekend, using colored pencils to make the floral design pop a little more.  Having just heard that Maurice Sendak died, I would love to make a sketch of one of his characters.

This apron was supposed to be for Newton Open Studios, but two things: one, I pricked myself and left a drop of blood on the trim and two, the edging looks too much like sheets from JC Penney.  I AM employing a green sheet there for the edge, but I expected it to look a little transformed.  Instead, my maroon trim made it look MORE like a sheet!

There are several pouches in various stages of finish.

Back to work!!


PS – I had to change the title because it was attracting fabric seller spammers!  Ugh!

4 thoughts on “another day, another stitch

  1. Dee Mallon

    Hi Chris… the little house will get there… and I love that fake-Asian-character fabric… it was an actual purchase for actual money.

  2. Michelle in NYC

    Just working my way back through the posts and stopped at the little house, which looks just fine to me, and also love that hand dyed thread + your charming thread sketch. I too loved Maurice and posted about him early that day on my own blog with a full animation of “The Night Kitchen”–but I note, with recognition the way you, and all of us, can be so critical of our works. Perhaps a bed sheet is precisely what the border wanted to be (as an example). I love your pouches too…and whatever greenery you are posed within. I’ll be headed up to Westfield MA. where I often retreat from NYC, mid-June for a visit to my oldest friends, and that landscape of natural evolution (minimal landscaping). You are surely blessed to be there too.

    1. deedeemallon

      Thanks for your comments, Michelle… you are of course right about being overly self-critical… what I DIDN’T say in the sheet commentary was that I really, really wished I had thrown it out, or recycled it, because it was sooooooooo tough! I could barely drive a pin through it and I hated working with it every minute. If I am REALLY critical about the process (myself) here, it would be that I let myself work with an awful, awful fabric for that long. Enjoy Westfield… my suburb really earns its moniker “the Garden City” this time of year!!


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