perspective – not necessary, but good!


straight base translates as flat; roof line doesn’t match up with house

This white house emerged months ago as I pieced up muslin for what would become the “Red House”. I was immersed in barn raising at the time.


pin board


roofline better; perspective created with a single strip of blue floral slanting up from front corner to back corner

Two different green plaids are used in the roof. I think another piece is required to overhang that right rear facade.

real rooflines

real rooflines – earlier in season, many years ago

There are flash flood warnings here.  My phone actually honked to tell me so. Based on the rain and wind, I would not have guessed there to be any danger (and maybe there isn’t).

Speaking of phones, when I took my failing-to-connect-to-the-internet iPhone to the Genius Bar, everything operated just perfectly. The ‘genius’ took notes (on his tablet, naturally), but I could tell he thought I was a technology-challenged moron (and maybe I am). However, I came home and all the same problems reasserted themselves. And I don’t see how it could be an issue with our router, because everyone else in this household is connecting to the internet just fine.

As maddening as these tech issues have been — for weeks now (Photoshop crashed twice while posting yesterday — one time recovering; one time not) —  I really could use some perspective there as well.

What is the emotional equivalent of a blue strip of fabric lightly laid, just so, to make the line of the foundation travel back? What perspective would ease getting through a series of technology issues that show no sign of easy resolution and that undercut my ability to stay connected (and THERE’s the psychological metaphor for one of the mechanical failures — it’s always there).

“WALK AWAY FROM THE SCREEN, Dee” isn’t going to cut it for much longer. I should take Michelle’s comment from yesterday to heart: “Breathe”.

6 thoughts on “perspective – not necessary, but good!

  1. Mo Crow

    when you open your iPhone
    >go to Settings
    >got to WiFi (second icon down the list) touch that
    > in WiFi make sure the WiFi slider (top RHS side of screen is set to On
    then on the same screen under Choose A Network
    select whatever you have called your home network (you may have to put in the password for your home network)
    close window and away you go
    hope that helps!
    let me know
    NB Old Man Crow told me all that I don’t use the cell phone!

  2. deedeemallon

    I just wiped out my own comment!

    Hi Mo… thanks for sharing, but I have done that and still problems. The home screen SHOWS that I’m connected to the wireless, but I can’t really do anything on the internet (although I did just manage to connect to FB – but not flickr, not wordpress, not safari).

    I’ll have to go back to the Genius Bar.

  3. Mo Crow

    curiouser & curiouser Safari is your browser for the net … how old is your phone? have you just upgraded all your other systems to Mountain Lion ? maybe it has something to do with the iCloud….

  4. deedeemallon

    it’s an iPhone4, so it’s not THAT old… I wonder about iCloud too… although I just don’t think anything’s changed since the problem started… will check out Mountain Lion… on our PC and laptops we use Mozilla Firefox…

  5. Ginny

    Re connecting issues, it could be that your security settings are off or too high. My computer locks up sometimes while the anti-virus runs, which is annoying. Might want to check that out. Re Photoshop crashes, it might be a memory issue. PSD files are huge and if you don’t have enough memory that could cause a slow crashing computer. I can’t even use it on my MacBook Air because of the same issues. Now i keep all my photo files on a portable hard drive and only the minimum on the hard drive.

    I know it is all very aggravating.


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