Slate gray skies

Cold enough for down coat, hat, and gloves for the morning’s dog walk. I feel a little about spring as I do about Bernie. How grateful I’d be if he dropped out! How grateful I’d be if we had a warm, sunny day! I anticipate the lush riches of spring with a heightened need this year — unfurling maple leaves, nodding daffodils, the bold tulips and magnolias. All this time spent looking out windows framing grey, taupe, and dun!

This morning’s writing class was marred by technical difficulties. I breathed through it. Wrote through it.

Here are some double exposures I created two nights ago. The constant image is the star-adorned wooden box that used to house my sister’s Aquarian Tarot deck. The other images include: dome interior from Rome, a statue of the Virgin from San Rufino cathedral in Assisi, a quilt, a garden bowl of water.

My remoulade bombed. It looked like cat puke in the chowder. Not at all what I was hoping for!

Tomorrow, we pick up a $30 box of produce in the Fenway, an effort organized by a place called “The Neighborhood.” I want to support small markets and local farmers to the extent I can, so there is more sourcing to do here.

Off for a nap! Hope you all are managing as best you can. I’m not looking for silver linings at the moment, but I wonder if this experience will help me develop patience.

11 thoughts on “Slate gray skies

  1. Anonymous

    Love that your ipad was placed upon the Power of Will….& you wrote away, anyway… ..regardless of tech issues ๐Ÿ™‚
    ~c, in philly

  2. Nancy

    Your experiments in creativity are always interesting, in that you are really able to stretch your vision. I, for one, always like this! I get the tech issues, our daily calls are an exercise in patience! I like the empty box…where’d that person go? Ha Reminds me of the Brady Bunch opening ๐Ÿ˜ƒ We are enjoying checking out the newscasters and others backgrounds as the do everything from home!

    1. deemallon

      The empty box. The views of the ceiling. The inadvertently mute button left muted. All kinds of stuff.

      1. Acey

        feeling pro-active if not positive in that the tulsi and san marzano tomatoes seedlings have developed their first set of true leaves. Got an email notification my bulbs and shallots shipped today. And I have forced tulips beginning to bloom in the studio. So far an orange-based Parrot and something else I didn’t mark. All I know so far is that it’s got multiple buds per stem. The buds that are opening are mostly white with a pink component that’s deepening as it continues to bloom.

  3. Tina

    Always love seeing your double exposures .. you truly have a talent for it.
    Everyday is a challenge .. it really helped that we had our first blue sky sunny day. Going to bed .. just started reading An American Marriage to help me fall asleep in any other place and time than this real one is helpful.
    Sorry your dinner was a bust .. tomorrowโ€™s will be better.

  4. Joanne

    Tuesday was the first of many Farm Days in the big Town church parking lot. My friend went, 6 feet apart, produce is packaged, payment in cash. Park wait, approach, pick up the prepacked assortment, pay and leave.
    10 am- every Tuesday. it’s now on my calendar. Mostly roots. I like roots. Some greens. I like greens. sorry the red pepper thing was bad. I had hoped it would a good use of the four jars in my pantry.

  5. Liz A

    me with the grandkids, “can you hear me now?”

    and yes, The Power of Will caught my eye … with its determined flower


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