Just a Monday

I call it “the Horse House.” Garden House was already taken by a place perched on the T tracks over by the lake. The Horse House is a corner lot with stunning trees, foundation beds, and median strip plantings. They even have a big garbage barrel on the curb for dog poop bags. Much appreciated.

I round this corner at about the halfway point of my dog walk. Usually when I pass, some kind of idea or some string of words have come to me for a blog post. Today, no. I can think of three reasons.

One: a clutter of dreams. A charging cord, hot and blackened. An 83 year old friend inexplicably standing in my bedroom where the bed keeps unmaking itself. A butt dial allowing me to hear disdainful confusion about texts I’d sent (“Remind me not to try and be helpful!”). The corralling of prisoners by a body of water. Have they been afforded due process?

Also I was listening to a New Yorker story about the pandemic, travel, risk, baseball and luck.

Third, at the corner I was confronted by the most delicious smell of sautéing garlic. Wow. 9:25 a.m.

Are you really writing a post about writing (or not writing) a post? Yeah. Sorry.

Today I’m going to couch yellow or red threads around a quilted house that disappears into its background. What are you six? Well, maybe.

In closing let me say that anyone hoping that the hyped 12:30 announcement by DOJ was about domestic terrorists or corrupt politicians will be very disappointed. Indictments for international cyber criminals are not nothing. But? I know accountability is coming. It’s just a matter of time, right?

11 thoughts on “Just a Monday

  1. Nancy

    Such a bold heart, perhaps a strong one for waiting and holding on to hope. The house block fabrics, some of your recent choices…I like them very much.

  2. deb

    That arching half-a-heart branch is a portal to somewhere.

    I watched the announcement. Pap, unless the second indicted – the Russian- can be tied directly to any Trump. At this point, I don’t care which one.

  3. debgorr

    This may seem out of context but…I like how grapevines (what I am thinking that second image is) hold on, I find hope in that.


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