Pics and a little sound

“white women’s tears”

We walked in the woods today. The frogs were LOUD.

Next door neighbor’s yard crew showed up for the first time this season today. After asking them to take their ladder off of my Rose of Sharon sapling near the curb, I retired to the basement. Two leaf blowers went on and on but I didn’t care. My new plan. My sanctuary!

Cleaned out three bins of fabric, worked on D’s quilt until I ran out of bobbin thread, and made this little collage, above.

The initial three-house black and white was a gelatin print made with a cardboard and onion bag resist.

We just had an early and simple dinner: grilled cheese sandwiches and leftover soup. For real sustenance, we listened to Biden’s speech from this morning.

5 thoughts on “Pics and a little sound

  1. Nancy

    Thank goodness for a sanctuary! I could sit for hours looking and being amazed by all of your making/made treasures! The frog were indeed loud!

  2. Marti

    Yesterday and this morning, the sounds of my day were from listening to one of the songs on Nancy’s blog post of yesterday, Jon Batiste’s Freedom…I dare anyone to listen and watch the video and not get up and dance…

    Certainly got my blood flowing this morning but I also wanted a quieter day so took my tea, and a book, to sit and read outside on the patio which lasted for about 20 minutes! I kept looking at the little space of land that a previous tenant had bordered for planting. the apple tree is in front of it so it doesn’t get a full day of sun. When we moved here, there were spindly roses which I removed and the dirt was so poor. Over almost a year now, we have amended the soil, composted and while I wait for the seeds that I planted in peat pots to grow so I can transplant them, some in this ground, some in pots, I found myself digging a bit to turn over the composted soil and before I knew it, I gathered three of the branches I use to hang my dye cloths and placed them as dividers and then merrily planted Rocky Mountain mixed lettuces, wild arugula, bok choi and Chinese spinach…maybe they will work, maybe not, the area gets about 4-6 hrs of sun but it might work…Thing is it felt good to get my hands again in dirt, and to wait for the promise of seeds bursting forth.

    Thinking alike here with soup also for dinner. I made a mock crab broccoli bisque, a very old recipe from when Jane Brody used to write a nutrition and personal health column for the NY Times.

    The dance and the planting time- all turning my crappy mood around….

  3. Liz A

    the sounds of the neighborhood … leaf blowers, lawn mowers, dogs put out about being put out … for sure, one of the things I very much miss about the Hill Country house was the remove from neighbors, the relative quiet of that … here there is no escape, even when I turn down my hearing aids … I’m glad that you have created a sanctuary for your self and sanity


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