Five Things March ‘22

I am in the process of renewing my daily writing practice. Without it I’m a little lost to be honest. My in-class writing suffers, my to-do list wilts, and I lose track of things. I am not overstating this.

So today I reset my intention. I will use up a small annoying notebook. Guess what? I have a preference! Kill me! I like college-ruled, five-subject, 8 1/2 x 11 inch pages.

I shall also reinstitute occasional practice of the Five Things entry. I learned this from my friend and fellow writer, Sarah. In case you forget, the Five Things are: 1) the weather; 2) some thing you commit to doing this day; 3) one thing you did well yesterday; 4) one thing you could’ve done better; 5) one thing that brings you joy.

The practice is simple and quick and yet manages to construct a meaningful record. It can trigger more writing.

So here goes.

1) Today is cold and clear. Not as cold as Monday, but still quite cold.

2) Today I commit to finishing that fucking orange notebook so that tomorrow I can start fresh in my preferred size.

3) One thing I did well yesterday was manage the time for my Tuesday writing group.

4) One thing I could’ve done better yesterday was to eat one ice cream sandwich instead of two.

5) Something that gives me joy is the thought of spending time with paper and scissors. I used the prompt judgment this morning.

I snipped a finger and bled on a bunch of the scraps. I left the traces and kept on working because I’m lazy that way and because it felt appropriate. Don’t we all bleed under the harsh judgment of others and ourselves?

The blood worked but the images aren’t there yet.

I’ll admit to identifying the most with the squirrel looking on from the sidelines.

23 thoughts on “Five Things March ‘22

  1. RainSluice

    It seems you are keeping your sense of humor, so i won’t get too worried yet. sending love and know you’re stewing up important even though it might not look like it. Squirrels… such a good metaphor for an ADD life, to which I can relate.

  2. Marti

    You have always seemed able to write and write with honesty, intelligence, heart, humor and challenge…why did I use the word challenge? Well, because you bring forth thoughts and ideas and beliefs that cause me to go deeper within myself and because you do, you connect with so many and that to me, is excellent writing so I rarely think of you as needing a writing practice.

    Never have had a writing practice but the idea of 5 things intrigues so here goes.

    1. Weather: Soft rains here today after some pretty howling winds, par for the course for spring in New Mexico.

    2. Committed action today: I just sent off a care package to my daughter Shelley and her love Grant who although double vaccinated, and boosted have tested positive for Covid. When I spoke to her this morning, she said they were stocked pretty well with food but were getting low on coffee SO, off we went to send her Peet’s Major Dickensen coffee, Tazo organic chai tea, a New Mexican package of Southwestern Chicken soup (dehydrated veggies, you add the chicken and liquid), Pepperidge Farm Chesapeake dark chocolate pecan cookies, Belgium almond cookies and Dove dark chocolate eggs; all of these items absolutely medicinal!

    3. Something done well yesterday: I chatted with a new neighbor and she said how welcomed I had made her feel.

    4. Something I could have done better: Thinned out the gazillion seedlings that came up from my over zealous planting in peat pots. Planted on March 25, came up on March 28 which astonished me.

    5. Joy came from opening a package of Nonni’s dark chocolate biscotti and indulging in one along with a cup of Irish tea. Dunking it into the tea was an added treat!

    1. deemallon Post author

      Thank you for your kind words, Marti. Your care package makes me wish you were my mother! What a delightful — and yes, medicinal— collection of goodies. I hope they are both better soon and with no lingering effects. ♥️

  3. Faith

    I used to write every day in my notebook. When my son was born it wasn’t every day, but I wrote. When we moved to Oregon in ’04 and my husband was retired, everything fell apart. Not having a set routine (along with having more family in the same city/state) exacerbates ADD big time. My non-ADD husband is so happy not to have a schedule that he doesn’t grasp how much I need one. This five things list might be something that will help me get back to writing more regularly. Thank you.

    1. deemallon Post author

      I also have ADD. The five things ticks a few boxes that matter to people like us: it’s quick; it’s graphic on the page; it’s adaptable to creativity. Hope it works. Let me know.

  4. Ginny

    Thanks for this post Dee. I may start up the daily writing as well. I need a distraction during my snail paced commute to and from the city. The five questions are a helpful template and might settle my grumbling mood (I hate having to go back to Manhattan for something I could easily do at home without the 5 hour train ride.) I also love reading the comments. You have fun followers. I’m really thinking I need to go get some cookies, or ice cream sandwiches! Yum

    1. deemallon Post author

      Well your photos are great but the writing could easily go with. I feel for you, making that commute. You definitely deserve some cookies!

  5. Liz A

    My blog is the only “journal” I’ve ever stuck with … and even that is faltering of late. But as with the others, I’m intrigued by “the five” and so …

    1) the weather: 40s in the morning and 80s in the afternoon … gotta love Texas
    2) some thing you commit to doing this day: go to Michael’s to get the makings for a birthday present for soon-to-be-five year old Parker … and then blog about it
    3) one thing you did well yesterday: started to repair the dis-integrating upholstery on my stitching chair using Judy Martin’s “Not to know but to go on” as inspiration
    4) one thing you could’ve done better: spoken a little louder at the public library committee meeting last night (being soft spoken isn’t something I’ve been “accused” of in the past … I must be mellowing)
    5) one thing that brings you joy: a tiny bowl of Haagen Dazs … every night

  6. cednie

    Good luck jump starting your writing practice! To my surprise, I’ve started writing haiku every day. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time but haven’t for some mysterious reason. I’m afraid to jinx it…

  7. Joanne in Maine

    I wrote the five things on a card. I think I usually put the weather on the top line of the Daily Notes blog post. Everyday. I post everyday. But I will try your list of five tomorrow. I will ONLY use college lined notebooks. And smooth rolling very black ink- roller ball.

  8. Deb G

    I like the list… and it’s funnily enough pretty close to what I just posted on my blog. Which also happens to include a squirrel story.

  9. Saskia van Herwaarden

    ‘oh that sounds like a great practice’, she said, thinking, ‘maybe too much for me….’
    but here goes:
    1. weather’s turned, after a couple of dry cold days with sunshine, it started raining this afternoon
    2. begin organising work I want to sell at art-market next month
    3. cleared up most of tree-cutting-debris
    4. relax
    5. making small collages, finished 3 today;-)

    I like image no 3 best, with the blue background


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