Four more squares and fourteen more inches

snow-ice-deemallonA big snow carries a hush… a quieting of the entire landscape. I don’t understand how or why, and I don’t care to know — it is so palpable and so delicious.
path-snow-deemallonFor those of us lucky to have shelter and little employment outside the four walls of that shelter, a big storm creates sanctuary, too. Suddenly there is nowhere to go. Nothing to buy. No appointment worth the venture.  Add to that — the maternal attention and collapse of routines that come with a new puppy and time really turns in on itself. I am made both smaller and larger by the circumstances. My mantra is: “for now”.




6 thoughts on “Four more squares and fourteen more inches

  1. Dana

    Winter has traditionally been for retreat and introspection…your big snow shows why! I am glad for your quiet hiatus. Finn’s little snowy tongue is adorable.

    1. deemallon

      Finn IS adorable… and I need reminding of that when he is getting into mischief (about 3/4 of his waking hours!!).


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